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A few to share…
October 31, 2008, 2:40 am
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I hope dads working overtime to pay for these. Having girls must be difficult…Especially when they are this beautiful.

October 29, 2008, 1:02 am
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These four are as passionate about family as I am about photography. When I got home from this session, I had leaves in my shoes and in my pants. I bet Tara had a fun time getting the leaves out of her hair. LOL… Sessions like these are so much fun. We do very little posing and the images just take place on thier own. There is nothing better that watching a family “play” and capturing it through photography!

Last minute Senior sessions…
October 25, 2008, 2:42 am
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Your yearbook is waiting… For those of you who haven’t had your senior pictures taken yet… ITS NOT TOO LATE. Although the yearbook needs your photo immediately, we’ll be sure you get yours in for the 2009 yearbook. We work closely with the yearbook staff and will take care of it all for you, No need to worry!

To be sure noone is left out… Impulse Studio & Design is offering a deal for any senior who is yet to have their senior pictures taken. For the next three weeks you can take $50.00 OFF THE CLASSIC PACKAGE and $100.00 OFF THE VARSITY PACKAGE. This offer is good for any senior who schedules a sitting starting today and holds it through November 25th. Call today and schedule your appointment…Space is limited…as this offer is good for all surrounding schools.

Hurry… You don’t want to be one who gets photographed by the school, in front of that white brick wall. MAKE 2008 A YEAR TO REMEMBER WITH AWESOME SENIOR PORTRAITS FROM IMPULSE STUDIO & DESIGN!

I absolutely love this bridge
October 21, 2008, 2:42 am
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Not only do I love the bridge, but the couple was equally lovable. They have the best personalities! The family pets make some of these portraits- adorable. These are some of my favorites this year… Enjoy!

An interesting post from months past…
October 17, 2008, 3:22 am
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I Can’t believe that anybody would want that Ugly Couch!!

We sent this exact post out in March. We had no response! I am fully aware of how many friends and family members that I have that visit this blog daily.   So why hasn’t anyone stepped forward to help out an ol’ friend? Come on girls, I know that someone out there has an old couch or chair that has some character and it is taking up space in your attic or garage. I will even have Doug pick it up. (He doesn’t know that yet, so don’t say a word.) I will even give you a free sitting here at the studio for your lovely family… It is that time of year that everyone is wanting family photos. So call me and pass on that furniture you’ve been dying to get rid of anyways…

Yes! Thats right, we want your old furniture.  That couch you’ve been dying to get rid of has a place in our studio. Even grandmas old living room chair that is out in your garage. We will even pick it up! Take a photo…e-mail it to me, And I will let you know if it is worth a free session fee! Thats right, I want your old furniture thats hogging up space in your basement. Contact the studio if you want to make a donation. And we’ll donate a session to you in return!

I know it sounds funny…But some of the cutest kids and families can bring out the best in an ugly old couch or chair. We don’t have room for alot, but if you have something that has a little character, we’d love to have it!!

Its not too early…
October 11, 2008, 2:09 pm
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The phones are ringing off the hook with clients wanting family photos for christmas cards. Its not too early, you know… And who wouldn’t want these “one-of-a-kind” holiday cards to send to their friends and family. Check out our huge selection. You can be sure that no studio around, will design them just like ours! We carry fold-out cards in a variety of sizes, flat double sided cards, and the slimline collection. Here at Impulse Studio & Design we are excited to give you a work of art… We are excited to design your family a greeting card that will be talked about all throughout the year!! Give us a call and we will discuss clothing options and card styles that will best suit your family.

Oh What Fun!!!
October 7, 2008, 12:48 am
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I had the honor of getting to work close with a few of our Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders this past Thursday. They were so much fun! Did I ever say how much I love this job??? A typical work week always has something exciting on the calander. I wake up every day excited to put in my time here at the studio. I often have people tell me that my love for this job, shows….I can’t imagine doing anything else….